Tour Introduction

Whether you wish to take advantage of our packaged tours or to build your own custom vacation, Rwanda Eco-Tours is committed to ensuring you have a memorable and rewarding experience.

We specialize in both individual and group tours that cater to the adventurous traveler as well as those seeking peace and relaxation or in-depth study of local animals and birds. We invite you to explore the land of a thousand hills, and the people of a million smiles, with us.

From the moment you arrive, we will ensure that your vacation is effortless. During your stay, if you wish to make changes to your itinerary, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Our Safaris Run Daily

Clients who choose to stay in Rwanda for more days at the end of their safari are free to do so and will only have to pay a supplement for the extra days'arrangements.

Gorilla trekking permit confirmation is subject to availability at the time of booking. Early booking is strongly advised. Permits sell out quickly due to high gorilla trekking demand.

Safaris can start and end at any point of your choice. We will always arrange airport transfers to and from your start and end destinations.

Custom Tours

A vacation trip to Rwanda is an experience that presents a fascinating opportunity to explore a rare cultural variety of traditional patterns and portrays an alluring taste of a country with a thousand hills magnitude, the flavour of Rwandan culture, people and rare wildlife like the mountain gorillas, and above all the splendour of its picturesque landscape.

Rwanda eco-tours takes you not only through the great ape kingdom, gorillas in the mist, chimps and monkeys amidst but also through a countryside of a thousand hills, rich culture and vibrant people with a million smiles. This unique adventure at the heart of the world will lead you to discover the new African dawn-Rwanda and will leave you wanting much more as we move from the gorilla misty kingdom to walking the steps of Dian Fossey who dedicated her life to gorillas in Parc National des Volcans to the depths of Nyungwe National Park that has been discovered to be the source of River Nile and harboring more than you can believe, while discovering en-route the hidden treasures of local communities of Lake Kivu, Gisenyi, Kibuye and Cyangugu to Butare, the elite kingdom and where the king lived and where his beautiful and historical palace still stands today; to Kigali, a city where the past meets the modern and to Akagera the bird's paradise is where the sun sets.

We will enrich your safari with sightings of rare wildlife, traditions and cultures and local people’s lifetime experience. From participating in traditional cultural activities like dance and dressing to attending local markets and tasting local food, you will witness how well your travel makes a difference, not only to save gorillas and their habitat but also to improving the welfare of the local people which as a result, acts as an incentive for them to be proud of conserving gorillas and their habitat.

You can join our scheduled tours or we can customize your trip itinerary to suit your needs. All in all, we are there for you and we will do our best to make sure you get the best!

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